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TRClark - Transforming Leaders and Organizations
Leadership Development
We consider leadership to be the ultimate applied field. It is a factor in every decision and every outcome. It is the single most important variable in determining an organization’s performance. Click here for more information!
Change Management
Change management is a gateway competency in the 21st Century. If you can't lead your organization through change, you simply can't lead. With our market-leading EPIC methodology, we can help you speed up the change process and avoid the quicksand along the way.
Strategy Acceleration
Sources of competitive advantage are like ice. The only question is the rate of the melt. In other words, strategy is never done. Today, clarifying strategy has to be dynamic. We can help you accelerate that process.
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Epic Change

  • “Absolutely brilliant material.” Stephen R. Covey
  • “A neo-classic.” Dave Ulrich
  • “If you’re facing a complex, turbulent world, and upending world–and you most certainly are–this is the book for you.” Kerry Patterson
  • “A must-read for all leaders.” Olivier Poirot, CEO, Motel 6
  • “A model to harness change into sustainable results.” Darren Lee, CEO, NextPage
  • “A systematic approach that creates competitive advantage.” Juan Carlos Linares, President, DBM Colombia, Bogota, Colombia
  • Named the best book on change by CEO Refresher for 2008


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  • “An instant classic,” Glenda Shelby, Vice President of Diversity and Human Resources, Accor Hospitality
  • “Beautifully succinct, and packs a life-changing punch.” Sharlene Hawkes, Chief Marketing Officer, Storyrock, Miss America 1985
  • “This book should be required reading for anyone interested in leadership.” LaVell Edwards, Hall of Fame Football Coach, Brigham Young University
  • “A high-impact experience. Simple, elegant, and profound.” Christopher Germann, Vice President, Executive Programs, Gartner, Inc.
  • “Dr. Clark’s enlightening narrative will be extremely helpful to all students of leadership.” Steve Holtom, Former Principal, Idaho Falls High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho.



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  • “An outstanding companion guide for anyone interested in high engagement.” Vai Sikahema, NBC Philadelphia Sports Anchor, Former NFL All-Pro, Philadelphia Eagles
  • “It offers a blueprint for high engagement that really works.” Patricia Longshore, Vice President, Duke Corporate Education
  •  ”The six drivers introduced in this book have the powerful capacity to enrich your life.” Elliott Masie, chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM
  • “This is a worthy read for every aspiring leader.” Douglas R. Conant, former president and CEO, Campbell Soup Company
  • “It unlocks the door to our own personal and professional connectedness.” Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times best-selling author.

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Harvard University
US Department of Homeland Security
Wells Fargo
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